“If you use the term illegal immigrants, that is very incendiary…”

While speaking with Townhall’s Guy Benson, Johnson, a former New Mexico governor, began demanding that the term “undocumented” be used in lieu of “illegal.”

“If you use the term illegal immigrants, that is very incendiary to our Hispanic population here in this country,” Johnson said.

Inquiring on why the term was offensive, Benson was told again by Johnson that “It just is.”

“Just so that you know. Just so that you know and you don’t have to use that term,” the libertarian claimed.

When Benson argued the term was accurate given it specifically refers to those who entered the country illegally, Johnson became even more irate.

“They came into this country because they couldn’t get in legally and the jobs existed and you or I would have done the same thing!” Johnson exclaimed.

When asked if entering the country without any documentation was illegal, Johnson momentarily pushed back before finally agreeing the act was indeed unlawful.

“Well, you’re describing that as something criminal,” Johnson argued before saying “Technically, yes.”