As our president and proud supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement continues on with seemingly endless rounds of golf without a care in the world for the thousands of black flood victims, Donald Trump just landed in Louisiana to help. However, no sooner he got off the plane, he was met with five shocking words from a group of displaced people, who heard he was coming.

Barack Obama couldn’t be bothered with so much as a short broadcast to express his sorrow for what thousands of people are suffering on the same coast where he’s vacationing. As he swings his golf club, his oldest daughter parties with people of Martha’s Vineyard, and Michelle enjoys the luxuries of being the First Lady, he’s failed at his big chance to prove that black lives really matter to him. Now, the disregarded people who supported him have spoken.

When the Trump train landed with running mate Mike Pence in tow, the pair were greeted like rock stars. It’s clear by the chants and tears at the gate, these people have seen the light, like so many others, and are ready for real hope and change from a conservative candidate who is true to his word. As soon as Trump walked into the flood-ravaged town, people were shouting, “We knew you’d be here!” because he said he would and doesn’t let people down like Barack Obama does.

It had to be both refreshing and a shock for the candidate to hear. Until now, so many black citizens have been against Donald Trump as a result of the baseless rhetoric from the left that he’s racist.

However, unlike Hillary Clinton and our current president, Trump is the only one to put actions where his words are and actually prove that he’s a man for the people, who won’t prioritize rest or recreation over major issues affecting citizens. It’s clear that he genuinely wants to lead our nation out of the Obama era and into greatness as a leader Americans can rely on.