While the lame-stream media in the DNC darling Khizr Khan, there are 10 facts we should know before our pathetic “star.”


  1. Khizr Khad is an immigration lawyer, who is a Clinton adviser: It turns out that Khan has several connections to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton through the government of Saudi Arabia, a prestigious law firm associated with the Clinton Family Foundation, and even his own personal law firm, which assists wealthy Muslims with immigration to the U.S.
  2. Not a real surprise since The website from Khizr Khan was been quickly deleted after challenging Trump from the DNC debacle.
  3. The good news is the website was captured from the internet archive (those darn servers.) https://web.archive.org/web/20160802121411/http://www.kmkhanlaw.com/
  4. In a deeper dive on what exactly he does for a living ,the E-2 and EB-5 are two of the most notoriously abused visa categories that essentially allow wealthy foreigners to buy their way to U.S. residency, and possibly citizenship, with a relatively modest investment
  5. While the bribery is not cheap, The EB-5 is literally a ‘citizenship for sale’ program in which a visa for a whole family can be bought for as little $500,000
  6. Khan co-founded the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law, an academic periodical that seeks to defend the arcane Sharia law to a legal system based on Western jurisprudence.
  7. And here we run the circle back to Khan’s favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s close aide and reported lesbian lover, Huma Abedin, has close links to radical Wahhabist Islam through her mother, the Pakistani-born Saleha Mahmood Abedin. Saleha Abedin resides in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and teaches sociology at Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah.
  8. Khizr Khan claims he is a “legal consultant” in Charlottesville, although he is not a member of the Virginia Bar. Given the nature of Charlotteville’s status as a notorious sanctuary city, Khan’s legal background and his work with the Muslim community in Virginia, it is likely that Khan offers help to Muslims who have overstayed their student visas in the university and sanctuary city to obtain permanent residence.
  9. In 1983, Khan wrote a review of a book compiled from a seminar held in Kuwait called “Human Rights In Islam” in which he praise the keynote address of fellow Pakistani Allah K. Brohi, a pro-jihad Islamic jurist who was one of the closest advisers to the late Pakistani dictator Gen. Zia ul-Haq, the father of the Taliban movement.  Khan speaks admiringly of Brohi’s interpretation of “human rights”, even though it included the right to kill and torture those who violate Islamic laws and even the right of men to “beat” wives who act “unseemly.”
  10. Brohi goes on to argue that “human” rights bestowed by Islam include the right of men to “beat” their wives. “The best statement of the human rights is also to be found in the address delivered by the prophet [Muhammad] so often described as his last address,” Brohi said, quoting: “ ‘You have rights over your wives and they have rights over you. You have the right that they should not defile your bed and that they should not behave with open unseemliness. If they do, God allows you to put them in separate rooms and to beat them but not with severity.’”

Khan has been said, openly, that he supports Sharia law over the U.S. Constitution.  Of course, the water-bucket brigade from the media who has not only for Khan, but from Clinton herself.  Another attempted to bury a dear friend:  The Muslim Brotherhood